The Rising Star Healing System

The Rising Star Healing System is probably the most complementary healing system on the planet at this time. It raises the vibration of the aura (human energy field) and the field around every living thing.

The Rising Star helps promote unity consciousness as it is a Source to Source healing. Every session is completely unique, because with each session the client is brought all they need at that time.
Simple and powerful

A Rising Star healing session restructures the client's energy circuits for holding a higher frequency by working on all levels of the client - physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, etheric, and energetic. You don't have to have faith, follow a specific religion, or believe in it for it to be effective. It merely takes your willingness to want to heal.

The Rising Star works on the five elements: fire, water, air, earth and ether. It also works on all 7 body systems. The 7 body systems are like 7 layers of energy around a person. The physical body is the first and most dense body system.

The Rising Star can also activate DNA up to the 40th strand. With each Rising Star healing session, as much DNA as the client is ready to have activated is activated. When that is fully integrated and client is ready to have more DNA activated, they will get a strong feeling to receive another Rising Star session.

Balances your body, mind, and spirit
The Rising Star Healing System stills the mind and transfers divine life energy to the part of your being that needs it most, for your healing and rebalancing to full health. Because of this and because it works on so many different levels at once, a person receiving it, say for a bad back, may find that another illness also gets helped. Rising Star was channeled by Derek O'Neill, a psychotherapist, healer and instrument of Divine energy from Ireland. Since then, thousands around the world have been trained and healed through the Rising Star Healing System and have agreed that it is very effective, and in some cases life changing.

Three healing sessions are recommended
During the first session your mind will want to follow what the practitioner is doing. So most people don't switch off and relax deeply. During the second session the mind lets go of control more so that deeper issues can be dealt with by you and the loving help of Divine energy. In the third session every part of your being is filled with love and light, as you are now ready to let go of the issue or dis-ease.

The overall response to this system speaks for itself. Many who have received the Rising Star go on to become practitioners themselves.

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