Animal Wellness Center
Burton D. Miller, DVM
20 West Hills Road • Huntington, NY

Your Pet’s Journey to Better Health and Wellness Begins and
Ends at the Animal Wellness Center, Huntington NY

“Thank you so much for giving Daisy the gift of health! The holistic techniques that you used helped her more than we ever imagined possible...Simply stated, we are very grateful that you are there with your expertise, your talents and your concern. You are someone who truly makes a difference for animals and for the people who love them.” ---Kay G, Cutchogue, NY

Services we offer:

• Therapeutic Nutrition: Wholesome diets prepared on premises with human-grade
organic ingredients
• Classic Homeopathy: Over 1,000 remedies maintained in the office
• Homotoxicology: A more modern use of homeopathy based on the Heel pharmacopiea
• Traditional Chinese Medicine: Herbs & Acupuncture utilizing the 5 Elements/8 Principles
• Orthopedic Manipulation: A spinal activator and manual manipulation promotes healing
• Western Botanical Extracts and Nutraceuticals: Plant extracts and nutriceuticals are
combined into custom natural medicines to assist in recovery from chronic and acute syndromes
• Pet Owner Education: Learn how to recognize the signs of Vaccinosis (chronic vaccine reaction syndromes) & toxic states related to over-dependence on prescription medicine
Learn Non-Toxic Approaches to Flea & Tick problems