Don't Settle for Mediocre
by Dr. Diana D'Angelo-Sepe

      I overheard someone speaking to a lady that had a very bad cold. She comforted her and told her that "it's ok, it's that time of year and everyone has a cold." When you think about it, you hear that a lot. If someone has a headache, someone will say that headaches are common and that a lot of people get them. A person can have a pinched nerve and people tell them that it's normal because a lot of people can suffer from a pinched nerve. Even though these things are 'common,' does it mean that they are normal? Cancer is common but it is definitely not normal. When symptoms begin occurring more than normal, you want to find out why. There are three reasons why it always makes the most sense to get to the root cause of why you are having reoccurring symptoms. It saves you money, time and increases your quality of life.

Everyone puts money towards their health but people put their money in different places. There are those that hold their money tight and are frugal with spending. There are individuals that may not value buying healthy organic foods for example because it costs more. People may not like to pay out of pocket for services and care that they need because they rely solely on what their insurance will cover for them.

Many times, these people tend to be more reactive with their health than proactive. There are other individuals that spend more upfront on their health even if they don't have much money. They may spend money on nutrients that their body needs. They actively seek out things that help to boost up their health even if they are symptom free. These people tend to be more proactive then reactive. It comes down to how much you value your health because there is always a way to give your body what it needs if you know your body needs it.

As a wellness physician, I have found that being proactive about your health is always more cost effective in the long run. It costs less to build your health than it does to lose your health and end up in a health crisis. This is why medical bankruptcy is one of the leading causes of bankruptcy. Don't wait until you lose your health to take care of yourself. Health starts from day one of life. If you build health from the very beginning, and stay in tune with your body needs to thrive, you have the best chance of avoiding a crisis.

Taking a mediocre stance on your health can also lead to spending more time on your health later on. I cannot tell you how many patients have had symptoms for years. Since symptoms were mild at first, they felt like they didn't have to look into why they were experiencing them. Then as the years went by, they got progressively worse. By the time they came in, their bodies were in such crisis that they needed to spend a significant amount of time trying to rebuild their health back. This can be avoided if you are proactive from the beginning.

Don't settle for mediocre. You deserve better! Although it's comforting to hear that you aren't the only person going through a health challenge, you shouldn't just except that these things happen and these are the cards you are dealt with. You deserve to be well. You deserve to have the life that you deserve.

Join Dr. Ray as he hosts a complimentary dinner and health talk for you and four guests. While dinner is being prepared, he will speak about the three components to living life to 100 years old, how to regain life and vitality so that you are thriving and how to have more energy and less stress.

Complimentary Dinner With the Doc!
Join Dr. Ray Omid as he hosts a complimentary dinner for you and four guests. While dinner is being prepared, he will be speaking about the three components to Healthy Living to 100, how to regain life and vitality, how to have more energy and less stress, and how to prevent medical debt and protect your number one assets. If you are looking to build your health, prevent disease, reduce and eliminate medication, and or find the cause of your health concerns you definitely want to attend this event.

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