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ALL OUR CLASSES are meant as a path to self-discovery and healing the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and energetic issues that are holding us back in life. When you take a class with us, you do not just receive the intellectual skills of the particular modality you are learning - you are going to be an empowered person who engages in a new way of living. In addition, you will also receive a certificate at the end of class that you can apply towards continuing education credits. Each class features a healthy, organic vegetarian meal, a daily meditation and some kind of daily physical activity. This involves a brisk 2 mile walk and stretching in Shorefront Park overlooking the Great South Bay in Patchogue, NY (weather-permitting) or kundalini dancing, chi gung and/or yoga at our center (cold or rainy weather). Please dress comfortably all days of class and please let us know if you require a special diet, or have a medical condition that would prevent you from engaging in these activities.

REIKI is an ancient form of hands-on-healing from Tibet that was rediscovered in the late 1800"s by a spiritual master from Japan named Dr. Mikao Usui. "Rei"=Universal; "ki"=Life Force Energy. Reiki is literally translated to mean "Universal Life Force Energy."

Modern physics teaches us that everything in the universe is connected by one continuous energy field. Things that appear to be solid and separate from us are in fact, a part of us. Reiki can be explained as that energy field; it is within us and all around us at the same time. Reiki is the creative, healing force that connects and brings harmony to everything in the universe. Reiki can be used for healing on all levels: emotional, mental, spiritual and physical. It is not a substitute for medical care, but works in conjunction with other health and wellness programs to speed physical healing, release fear and bring peace of mind.

There are 6 levels: Reiki I/II, III/IV, Master & Karuna Reiki Master. Each level has its own set of Reiki symbols which empower the Reiki practitioner to become a more effective, balanced healer at each level. Reiki I/II is suggested for beginners since it is the easiest healing system to learn; you will be able to practice Reiki on others once you complete the 2-day certification. For Reiki III/IV, you must be Reiki I/II for at least 6 months; for Master/Teacher, you must be Reiki III/IV for at least 1 year; for Karuna Reiki Master, you must be a Master/Teacher for 6 months.The reason for the time period in-between levels is to give you time to incorporate Reiki in your life. Reiki is a path and a lifestyle. You don't suddenly overnight become a reiki master.

Reiki practitioners from all backgrounds and all levels who have had previous training with other masters and would like to study Reiki at our center are welcome. We honor other schools and certifications and you do not need to study all 6 levels of Reiki through us. Actually, we encourage you to study with other teachers you get a good vibe from. While we honor other classes, please understand, we can not break up the way we teach our Reiki courses. For example, we teach Reiki 1/2 levels together, so we can not skip over Reiki 1 even if you have already taken it. However, we are flexible and do adjust our teaching style based each individual student's needs.

Most Reiki practitioners have been trained in Western Reiki techniques. Now, you can learn the original techniques of Reiki's founder, Dr. Mikao Usui.This certification course is based on the life work and research of Frank Arjava Petter, the author of several definitive books on Reiki who has lived much of his life in Japan, whom your instructor studied with.

Learn Joshin Kokyuu Ho (energy breathing techniques), Gassho Meditation, Reiji (Prayer), Kenyoku (dissociation meditation) and Byosen (scanning) techniques, the origin and meaning of the Reiki symbols, Buddhist/Shintoist philosophy of healing: Enkaku Chiryo (distant healing), Reiki Mawashi (group energy) and Shu Chu Reiki (group healing) techniques. Prerequisite: Reiki I/II level.

CHAKRA healing uses 7 energy centers or "powers" to bring balance, peace and harmony on all levels. Each chakra is responsible for specific emotional, mental, spiritual and physical states of being. Life presents us with certain experiences that help us "evolve" through each of our chakras towards self-actualization.

Each experience presents us with a choice--to choose from Higher Consciousness (Higher Self) or lower consciousness (Ego). Each chakra presents us with a certain perspective based on those choices. The more we feed the Ego, the more we experience pain and suffering.

Chakra work heals the disempowering choices one makes, thereby freeing up energy that is either blocking or overpowering specific chakras. By using hands-on healing, mantras, sanskrit symbols, guided imagery and understanding the issues of each chakra, healing on all levels can occur. The Chakra Healer certification course is designed for intermediate to advanced healers.

HYPNOSIS utilizes a specific brain wave state to facilitated the healing of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues. Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that we experience several times a day. When you are very focused or involved in a project, watching a movie or TV, listening to music or driving your car and you lose track of time, you are in a natural state of hypnosis. The hypnotist is skilled in leading people into that deeply healing state of mind in with a therapeutic goal. Hypnosis can change disempowering beliefs, fears, phobias and self-sabotaging behaviors that prevent people from experiencing health, success and happiness.

Hypnosis can also: alleviate chronic pain, reduce symptoms associated with chronic illness, reduce drug dosage and speed up recovery time. Most people are hypnotizable and contrary to popular belief, hypnosis is not "mind control." All hypnosis is "self-hypnosis" which means someone cannot do anything against their will under hypnosis that they normally wouldn't do in their "waking" state. The hypnotherapist is trained in understanding how the subconscious mind works and can successfully hypnotize any person.

The Hypnotist Certification Course (Basic, Advanced & Master level) focuses on eliminating disempowering beliefs and negative behavior patterns and changing them into more empowered positive thinking patterns in yourself and others.

PAST LIFE REGRESSION healing is based on the belief that people have lived before and have had past lives. Certain unresolved emotional, mental, spiritual and physical issues can interfere with a person's spiritual growth, success and happiness in their current life.

The origins of these issues can be traced to past life experiences under hypnosis. It is believed that at the moment of death, disempowering beliefs, emotions and/or mental thoughts become "frozen" and then are carried over and repeated in future lifetimes. These issues are repeated in a continued cycle until they become unconscious patterns. Once a person is made aware of them and decides these patterns are no longer helping them, they can be successfully acknowledged, processed, released and healed with past life regression work.

The past life regressionist is trained to conduct group and private past life regression sessions. The Past Life Regression certification course is designed for beginners with an interest in hypnosis and/or past lives.

PSYCHIC HEALING focuses on the physical, emotional, mental & spiritual issues that cause illness, unhappiness and disempowerment in life. Learn how to recognize, interpret, heal & transcend these issues in yourself and others. People receive psychic information in different ways: clairvoyantly (sight), clairsentiently (general knowing or feeling), clairaudiently (hearing), gusatory (smell/taste), empathetically (emotionally) and kinesthenic (physically).

Learn which natural abilities you have and how to use them in positive ways. Discover the differences between psychic information, intuition and rational thought processes and when your ego can get in the way. Understand that this course does not endow you with omniscient powers since specific information is not always revealed for the higher good of all parties involved. Ethics and moral responsibility in empowering others with the information you receive is tantamount in this class.

Learn psychic protection techniques and how to recognize, heal and release energy "vampires," hauntings and entity possessions. Dramatically increase your psychic and intuitive healing abilities in this amazing, life-changing certification course! A psychic reading will be provided for each participant.



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